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The Open Source Aerospace Wiki is a project to create open source research and technology to advance private spaceflight. From suborbital tourism to deepspace, from aerodynamics to chemical fuels this project aims to make spaceflight research and technology open to everyone. This is fueled by small "technology donations" from companies, that results in individuals building on that research (or the other way around). Please feel free to browse the wiki, or by all means, contribute. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

-Andrew Edwards, Founder

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The Wiki is a Beta, while it has very little information, you can help it succeed by adding to it.

Also, Open Source Aerospace Project is open for free partnership. Add your company's tech and site on a new page!

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How to use OSA

1. Open Source Aerospace runs on the same source code as wikipedia, and all edits are done with that code.

2. You may add pages on technology, designs, air patters, funding and all things that effect commercial aerospace.

3. Edits should be technical and critical. We are here to open ideas to the public, then to build on them.

4. When registering please add your experience on the user talk page.

5. When wanting to have discussions on subjects, please go to community --> forum

6. If you need more help go to this page Open Source Aerospace Wiki:Community Portal

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