&nbsp Wing designs differ by company. Some optimize aerodynamics and lift, while others optimize simplicity and reentry tactics.

Diamond-Hook Design Edit

Based off of physics and the diamond shape of the F-22 and F-35 aircraft this wing setup is designed for speed and lift. The basic design of it consists of a sweep and a taper on the inside of the wing (towards the fusualge) so the average chord at this point is large, but
decreasing like a triangle. Then the sweep and taper slightly change until the wing is straight and with a narrow chord and finally, a reverse sweep is added. This design would maximize lift with reverse sweep, taper, and aspect ratio (span/chord). It would increase speed with sweep and taper.

Shuttlecock Design Edit

Used by Virgin Galactic, this technology is designed to roll for reentry much like a shuttlecock in mid-air. It includes pnuematic controled feather actuation, pedal controled rudders, elevons on controled by the stick, etc. The diagram to the right shows all the features.